Post #1 Ten queeries

Post your ten “Queeries” here by 3:00 on Wednesday, January 13. After you post, you’ll be able to see the other students’ posts too. Some time after 3:00 on Wednesday, go back through and read all the queeries. Remember, one of these may turn out to be the question you want to pursue for your final research presentation.


Robert Mapplethorpe, Self Portrait, 1988

  1. Why are there queer theories (in the plural)? Are there intersections between gender, race and class?
  2. Are there contradictions between the conclusions of queer theories and those of science (neurology, biology…)?
  3. What is the impact of queer theories on thought/philosophy?
  4. To what extend queer theories can avoid essentialism? Is there a problem with that?
  5. Nature and nurture through the prism of gender theories: does performativity deny these concepts?
  6. What does psychoanalysis (especially Freudism) teach us about gender, sex and sexuality? To what extend gender theories accept / call into question these assumptions? Should we make a distinction between Freud’s discourses and the psychoanalysts’ ones?
  7. Do gender studies compel us to be relativist? Is there a problem with that?
  8. Why are gender studies so frightening for a lot of people?
  9. Why are gender studies so radical?
  10. What is the relation between queer theories and the feminist; marxist / leftist / liberal / progressist; LGBTQIA+ theories and movements? To what extend do queer theories transform them?

I would ask more questions that deals with the historical influences of the AIDS crisis on queer theories. I would be more focused on concrete topics, such as the lives of gay, lesbian, bi, trans*, queer… people. I would be more intersectional by asking questions dealing with crip, racial and class studies.


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