Post #6 Muñoz & Queer Temporality

Especially on pages 21-25, Muñoz contrasts his project with that of Edelman by focusing on different concepts of temporality or time. As well as you can, describe these two different concepts of time that Muñoz describes in these pages and explain how they differ from each other. How does Muñoz’s queer temporality enable him to develop hope and imagine a future queer collectivity?


In his 2004 essay No Future, Edelman criticizes the notion of future, as a corollary of the futurism of the figure of the Child (where “the Child” is this all-I-want-to-be and that way-I-feel-secure). According to Edelman, that futurism is at the root of the queer’s discriminations. Consequently, LGBTQIA+ would have to reject the notion of future and promote their no-futureness in order to break the system.

Contrary to Edelman, Muñoz believes in the queerization of the notion of future. If Muñoz recognizes that the futurism of the Child is at the root of the queer’s discriminations, he thinks, however, that future can be used as a means of emancipation, if queers change its content/meaning. Future has to be and therefore has to aim at a positive utopia where queers are not only part of society, but where society is queer(ed).

That utopia, which is, as Bloch says, the “not-yet-here”, is conceivable and expressed in aesthetic works. That utopia is, also, “concrete” (p. 3) and is a “potentiality” (p. 21), as some “ecstatic” (p. 25) fugitive quotidian moments show. Queers, then, have to subvert time, which means making durable the fugitive ecstatic moments.

For that reason, Muñoz can say, at the beginning of his book, that “queerness is not yet here” (p. 1) and that queers have to make happen that queerness for their own sake in the future.

Consequently, according to Muñoz, there is an alternative to the no-futurism imposed on queers by “straight time” (p. 22). Muñoz, thus, tries to exceed the limits of Edelman’s reasoning by proposing an alternative that would, by the way, rejuvenate the radicality of queer movement.

I would not add something to this post.


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