Post #8 Kafer on Feminist Queer Crip

Choose four favorite quotations, one each from chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7, and explain why you like them. They may all relate to each other, but they need not. Remember also to post any questions you have about the book and suggest discussion topics for Tuesday’s class if you some.

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Post #7 McRuer & Kafer on Queer & Crip

With McRuer and Kafer (and also our guest speaker this week Dr. Kim Q. Hall), we explore intersections between queer studies and disability studies. McRuer says that able-bodiedness is compulsory in our society, much as heterosexuality is. Kafer says that our society tends to believe that both queer people and disabled people have no future. Pick one of these claims and explain it, and then share your own observations of how able-bodiedness is compulsory and/or disabled people, like queer people, are seen as without a future or opponents of the Child. You may also want to share your feelings about these readings, both of which are very passionate and powerful.

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